Gamera burns the streets of Osaka in an instant! Barugon freezes Osaka Castle with a single gust! An underwater clash at Lake Biwa!
Controlled from the mysterious tenth planet, the immensely powerful Giant Demon Beast! The Earth is in danger! Launch the counter strategy, Gamera, you can do it!
EXORCISM! The one last hope for the possessed … But this time the devil wins!
The amazing story of Santa in big trouble... And his exciting rescue by the daring ice cream bunny ... It's breath-taking, fun for all.
Beaten into submission… turned into slaves… man at the mercy of a Kingdom of Prehistoric Women!
The Crazed Love Of A Prehistoric Giant For A Ravishing Teen-Age Girl!
Beware the triffids... they grow... know... walk... talk... stalk... and kill!

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