A macabre story of two motorcycle-riding, knife-wielding, shiv-shaving, eye-gouging, arm-twisting, chain-lashing, scalpel-flashing, acid-throwing, gun-shooting, bone-breaking, pathological nuts and their pal the UNDERTAKER...
Deadlier than Dracula! Wilder than the Werewolf! More frightening than Frankenstein!
The Crazed Love Of A Prehistoric Giant For A Ravishing Teen-Age Girl!
Never such a tender love story! Never such a savage showdown! Never such restless natives!
Beware the triffids... they grow... know... walk... talk... stalk... and kill!
Love! Hate! Pride! Passion! Rampant, Riotous In the Heat of a Southern Sun!
Moon monsters launch attack against Earth! How can science meet the menace of astral assassins? New Science Fiction Thrills!
A plane-load of thrills ... as two lovers battle spies in the skies!

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