With Blazing Impact The Screen Looks Squarely Into The Face Of Today's Wild Teenage Emotions Caught In The Cross-Fire Of Love And Hate!
The One Year Out Of High School Crowd - Fast Cars, Girls... No Place To Go!
Your shocked eyes will see it... your stunned mind won't believe it... Never before... has vice and violence struck with such frightening force!
Love! Hate! Pride! Passion! Rampant, Riotous In the Heat of a Southern Sun!
A Film That Tells the Shocking Truth About Narcotics and Teen-Age Vice!
High speed Excitement...As a Wanted Man...Meets a Wanting Woman
The story of Japanese-American soldiers who fought in Europe during World War II
A man can wait just SO long! ... and when he strikes back, watch for the dramatic explosion!
A guy who yields to temptation just once...... ....and finds it's once too often!

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